Migration to Magento 2

Upgrade to Magento 2, a small step for you and a great step for your store


Development of B2C ecommerce scalable and customized with Magento 2

Total customization of eCommerce

Move to Magento 2 and control all aspects of your store

I time to switch to Magento 2


Since its launch, Magento 2 has implemented stability improvements and functionalities related to management and API. But the novelties are not only these …

The change in the management of e-commerce is where there is a notable progress between Magento 1 and Magento 2.

The trend of online shopping is increasing in mobile devices, Magento 2 allows faster loading of your online store on smartphones, thus achieving a better user experience.

We update your online store without losing your positioning, also updating its appearance taking into account the new design trends.

News from Magento 2

Performance and scalability Magento 2

Performance has been improved by implementing the Varnish caching system for Magento, with a much more integrated operation.

Modular architecture Magento 2

The architecture of Magento 2 allows customizations without affecting the rest of the extensions or parts of the code.

Customizing the Magento 2 admin

Magento 2 allows customizable views, through which we can decide what information we will see in the list of orders.

Easier frontend development Magento 2

More ability to process CSS and HTML5 and create a perfect look and feel.

Quick and easy upgrade in Magento 2

Magento 2.0 offers an improvement in version control policies by facilitating updates

Documentation and Magento 2 verification resources

The new version of Magento includes a more complete documentation. It also allows a testing framework compatible with integration practices and continuous testing.