Shop Online B2B

The eCommerce with Magento B2B that improves the relationship, process flows and communication between companies


Development of scalable and customizable B2B ecommerce with Magento


UX design development with HTML5

Commerce and online transactions between companies


We develop B2B portals in Magento, a leading e-commerce platform. We help you define a different business strategy for your online store in the new digital environments.

We use Magento 2 as a B2B eCommerce development platform, and that allows us to use customer loyalty tools, shopping experience, shipping costs, payment methods among many other possible functions.

In addition, you can benefit from an expert advice service with our digital consulting. We have a wide experience in online commerce that we put at your disposal.

Functionalities in Magento B2B

B2B business account management

With Magento 2 it is possible to manage different companies in a single portal, client teams and user permissions.

B2B integration with ERP

Integration of the online store and the management and warehouse system (ERP) to have a unique control of all the processes.

B2B custom catalog management

Magento B2B allows you to create customized catalogs for each client based on their needs.

B2B custom prices

The Magento B2B platform allows you to generate specific prices depending on the client and generate personalized discounts for volume, qualities … etc.

B2B budget negotiation

With Magento B2B it is possible to request personalized quotes.

B2B generation of express orders

Magento B2B offers a quick system of personalized repeat purchases for each user.

B2B details on orders

We adapt the information of your products according to the target and its characteristics.

B2B Magento Analytics

Easily access all the metrics on the behavior of your customers in your ecommerce.

B2B payment methods

Magento B2B offers full compatibility with all payment methods.